Bookshelves and Divorce


“Life is like a bookshelf,” my dad once said.

And ever since that moment the phrase replayed inside my head.

Books from your childhood and books from the past.

Then there are books on self-improvement and how to get there fast.

Books are lined carefully from A to Z.

Everything put in its place, the proper order it should be.


Divorce is like taking that full bookshelf and shoving it over.

All of the books tumble out.

The spine of several stories weaken from the spill.

Some pages are bent and some pages tore off completely. You can no longer read Cinderella’s happy ending.

Sometimes your bookshelf towered too close to another and the toppling created a domino effect.





You stand there paralyzed, just staring at the mess. You don’t know where to begin.

You see your bookshelf lifeless on the ground and you know you can’t stand it back up alone.

……………………………………It’s so heavy……………………………………..

So you ask for help.

But there is beauty here, my friends:

Once your empty bookshelf is standing again, you can put whatever book you so choose back onto that shelf.

You have more room for books that strike passion in your heart again.

You can toss the tales that don’t bring you joy anymore.

You can organize it any way you please.

You can buy mounts and nail that sucker to the wall so it never shifts again.

You can even start to decorate your shelf with treasures, like the seashell from the trip to the beach you just took. It’s a reminder of your time trying to renew your soul.

It’s your wonderfully dented and grand bookshelf. ❤

My hope to you, in this one life, is that you fill it well.

May the memory grow more distant of the time it fell.



How WONDERFUL is this drawing that my friend Cheryl Zizzo did for this post?! She is so talented and this is everything I pictured and more ❤ I love it.

Please feel free to share with those that you feel like might relate or want to hear this as well ❤

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