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The Aftermath of Failure

Admitting that you've failed is never an easy thing to do...It's hard enough to admit it to ourselves, let alone announce it to others. In today's society we mainly see the major highlight reels of everyone else's life and don't get the excruciatingly long details about things that aren't going so well. I'm here to … Continue reading The Aftermath of Failure

Step away from the [insert personalized stressor here]

I had exactly three very different variations of this blog post written, and it initially started when things were going on all around the world that weighed heavily on my heart, and it was at a time that I felt like many were in the same boat. Many things have happened between then and now, but the message that I hope to convey still remains the same.

Survival tools. #love #wine #almostherblog

I took a week off of exercising and here is what happened…

"If I'm gonna take a freezing cold shower in the pitch black I'm at least going to have a shower wine," I resolved as I headed toward the kitchen with my huge LOVE marquee signΒ tucked underneath my arm. I set it down before I grabbed my electric wine opener and prayed that even though the … Continue reading I took a week off of exercising and here is what happened…