The Best Shot Ever

Best Shot Ever

The Best Shot Ever (Okay…it’s really just my favorite)

“Sundays are for Bloody Marys!” my roommate Jenny proclaimed.

“Heck yeah they are!” I replied as I pulled out all of the minimal ingredients for this shot. While this shot isn’t exactly a Bloody Mary, it definitely has the kick and reminder of one.

It’s like Mary’s distant cousin, Sir Dill. 

And it goes down pretty smoothly. This is the top reason why it’s my favorite. Now that I’m at the ripe age of 31, shots do not seem to sit well with me like they used to. This is one of the only things I can do that doesn’t produce the after gag effect. It’s actually pretty tasty.

And so easy I probably shouldn’t even be posting about it…but after typing in Google to see if this has been discussed before, I didn’t find anything. So this is my lasting gift to the world: An easy shot that actually tastes good. What?!

Best Shot Ever

Notice the cute mason shot glasses I FINALLY got to make use of that I bought from here. I was pretty excited about it. I also feel like I should note that I had to taste test one, in the name of science, right before I typed this out. I want to say that this post is sponsored by UV-Sirarcha, but that’s not true. It was just made possible by it as I just really like it.

What makes this the best shot?

I’ve thought of a few reasons why I consider it to be the best and my personal favorite:

  1. It’s quick and so flipping easy.
  2. The peppery notes of the sriracha cover up the alcohol so it doesn’t give you that “BLAHCHH” taste afterward. (Side note: This non-BLAHCHH effect is a key factor of my other Jello Shot recipe I posted a few years ago. This recipe is also what brings people to my blog the most…STILL.)
  3. The pickle juice. I’ve heard that pickle juice helps with leg cramps or things like that. I don’t know how well that works mixed with alcohol…but it can’t hurt, right?
  4. If you cut up little garnishes like I did, you have a chaser built right in the drink. Win-win.  
  5. This shot is really great before a planned phone conversation with your crush. Guys, this whole dating thing is so new for me so I actually did this once. The conversation went great and now I kind of feel like I owe it to talk about this. 
Best Shot Ever. UV Sriracha

Ingredients for 4 (2oz) Shots (with garnishes):

  • 1/2 cup UV Sriracha
  • 1/2 cup pickle juice
  • Thinly cut carrot, pickle, and/or celery

That’s it, guys. That’s it. 

I combined all of these in a shaker with some ice and gave it a little shake. A little shake here. A little shake there. A quick pour and slam and BOOM you are feeling good.

Best Shot Ever

Man, was this week rough for anyone else? I had a couple of health issues and some setbacks, but we made it through another one. I hope we can enter this coming week with more determination and a renewed spirit!

As always, thank you so much for reading and spending part of your day with me ❤ 

Don’t let anyone steal your joy ❤



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