Bookshelves and Divorce


“Life is like a bookshelf,” my dad once said. And ever since that moment the phrase replayed inside my head. Books from your childhood and books from the past. Then there are books on self-improvement and how to get there fast. Books are lined carefully from A to Z. Everything put in its place, the […]

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54 Things I’ve Learned While Getting Healthy

Since I’ve started this new path down trying-to-get-healthy lane I’ve learned several things and felt like some of them were worth sharing. Maybe someone out there might need to hear this stuff too.  Also, many of you might have heard these before but they are either new to me or on the forefront of my mind…So […]

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Musings From the Treadmill

So, I finally did it! Sort of. I actually figured out how to use Instagram. I know. I know. Impressive, right? (HA!) I mean, I knew that it was for showcasing pictures and everything…but up until this week I unknowingly had the blog account set to private, which does not help me out at all. […]

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