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Thank you so much for wanting to know a bit about the woman behind the blog! My name is Anna (ALM) and I’m a true Wisconsinite. I’m a newly married 29-year-old that’s trying to find my place in the world. I love laughing, wine, writing, music, cooking, anything with makeup, coffee (all of it), crafting, singing in the shower, reading, candles, my husband, and my two cats. I should also mention that my all-time FAVORITE thing to do is go to concerts. It’s my happy place!

Almost Her Blog

Dan at the park, “It’s not as fun as when I was a kid.”

I’m sure my husband will come up a bit in this blog, so I’ll give you the mini low-down. I got to know him (Dan) after he nervously came up to me while I was working at a gas station and asked me for my number. He was shaking, guys. Shaking. I thought it was so cute. Now here we are almost 4 years later in our own little home, all grown-up, and married. My favorite thing about him is his ability to make me laugh. All of the time. At least once a day. It’s love. ♥

We also have our two fur babies, Sassy and Rocky. Sassy is everything her name is not and Rocky is the biggest cuddler I know. Right now we are working on a children’s book together with Dan illustrating while I write. I am also working on a memoir, so keep an eye out for that!

Almost Her Blog

Sassy is the tortie and Rocky is the baby.

Starting this blog was a labor of love as I feel it’s the culmination of my life experiences. I’m very passionate about it. In High School my chosen extra classes were Graphics I, II, and III along with Photography. I never pursued those much after that, but I am still so drawn toward the both of them. I also loved my Culinary Arts classes, but really got to play around in the kitchen after I met Dan.  He’s the best food-tester, even if cereal is his favorite.

Almost Her Blog

Discovering he’s SuperDan!!

Also, my love for makeup came at a early age. I was 3 when my mom caught me playing in her makeup bag. She went to stop me and realized my eyeshadow was on point. Since then I’ve done prom makeup, makeup for a few brides and bridesmaids, and even had a short stint working at a makeup retailer. (Even though it wasn’t long, it helped me learn more about the different brands.) But really, it’s just fun for me! I graduated from college with a Major in Communication and a Minor in Public Relations, with my extra classes centering around Creative Writing. So really, even though I didn’t know it then, all of my life’s directions pointed me to starting a blog. This blog. So here we are! My failures and super embarrassing moments also happened in that process, but maybe they were there to keep me humble. Keep me humble and share them so that maybe people, like yourselves, could be inspired by them or use them for a good laugh when they need it. I really hope you like what you find in my little blog and can relate to its message. Thank you SO much for reading! If you enjoy this, please feel free to share the love or contact me down below with any questions or thoughts.



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