Do you trust me? -God

This is the blog post that I envisioned writing a year from now. You see, in a year from now, I’d be able to talk about my dreams with the full knowledge that I was successful and I didn’t fail. I would’ve typed this out in my swanky office (complete with some touches of pink and gold) in a gorgeous all-black outfit with perfect hair and nails and would be making a decent living doing the thing I love most. Problem is…if I wait until things are perfect to share that doesn’t help you or me. So with all the sucking up of pride that I have, here’s my current story:

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Moment in May

It has been about two years since this exact moment in May, but the memory is not one that I’ll soon forget. As many of my life changing stories start: I was sitting on my parent’s couch. I had grabbed a brown pillow to hold over my mid section so I could try to relax […]

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Liquid Patience

coffee and crushes

There is something fiercely precious about those first few moments of the morning for me. It’s peaceful and unspoiled time. It’s another promise of a fresh start, despite however chaotic the prior day ended. Most mornings start the same way for me: I get up after looking at my phone, admittedly longer than I should […]

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As I flipped open the crisp and unmarked pages of my writing journal, hit “play” on my trusty Jim Brickman playlist on Spotify, and flicked on the lighter for my caramel cabernet scented candle I thought to myself, “Okay, Anna. Time to make some magic happen.” I had one of those movie moments where I […]

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The Best Shot Ever

Best Shot Ever

The Best Shots Ever! (Okay, they are really just my favorite)
“Sundays are for Bloody Marys!” my roommate Jenny proclaimed…

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