The Best Shot Ever

Best Shot Ever

The Best Shots Ever! (Okay, they are really just my favorite)
“Sundays are for Bloody Marys!” my roommate Jenny proclaimed…

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The Best Jello Shots Ever…

Best jello shots ever! Cherry Lemonade frollom Almost Her Blog. #jelloshots #cherrylemonade

Okay, I’m making kind of a big promise by calling these the best jello shots ever but they have been taste tested by several different people and got the approval rating by all. To be fair if you do not like lemons or the taste of lemonade this might not be the thing for you…but if […]

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Summer Berry Sangria

Is there anything so refreshing as drinking a crisp berry sangria on one of those first humid summer days? I think not. When I picture sipping on this delicious treat I cannot help but to feel relaxed and joyful as my mind wanders to the happy future the warm weather will bring. I made this […]

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