My Favorite Everyday Eyeshadow Look

Nillionaire by ColourPop! #Nillionaire #colourpop #makeup #eyeshadow at

Soooo for today’s blog post I’m pretty pumped to talk about a quick and easy look for a lady on the go AND talk about one of my all-time favorite eyeshadows! The eyeshadow is called “Nillionaire” by the brand ColourPop, and here it is:
“Nillionaire” by ColourPop

OOhhhhh!! Ahhhhh!!! Pretttyyyyy!!!

Nillionaire by ColourPop! #Nillionaire #colourpop #makeup #eyeshadow at
Swatch of “Nillionaire.” The camera does NOT do this baby justice.

This glitzy shadow is a bronzy brownish shade that has gold flecks of va-va-voom glitter, but goes on the eye as a metallic. I always say it looks like a really spiffy bag full of shiny coins, which is fitting for the name, and totally makes you feel like a million bucks! It’s really unique and I can’t speak highly enough about it. Oh, and did I mention that it’s only $5?! Because it’s only $5. I use this frequently for a pop of color on the lid when I need it, and typically apply it with my finger because it has the silicone-type texture to it. But it does stay put!

If you have seen me in person at all in the last year you’ve most likely seen me wearing this shade. This is one of the eyeshadows that I own that people ask where I got it or what I’m wearing because of the glam factor…little do they know it’s cheap AND makes for a SUPER easy look! I think that’s why this is my favorite.

Nillionaire by ColourPop! #Nillionaire #colourpop #makeup #eyeshadow at

This particular eyeshadow look is played down a bit, since it is for everyday, but this color can be used on a dolled up look for even more fun (see pictures below). The possibilities are really endless!!! Okay, let’s get right to it! Quick and easy step-by-step right here:Nillionaire by ColourPop! #Nillionaire #colourpop #makeup #eyeshadow at


  1. Start by applying your eye primer from the lid all of the way to the brow bone. Then set the primer with any cream colored base shadow that you have. This will help your makeup stay on alllll during the workday. The base shadow will help with blending out the colors in the next steps.
  2. Take a highlight shade and pop it on the inner corner of your eye and right underneath the brow bone.
  3. Next take a soft peach color, which I used as my transition shade, and blend out with a fluffy brush in a  windshield wiper motion along the crease and halfway up to your brow bone.
  4. Then, take a darker peach color, or a light brown, and blend that also with the quick windshield wiper motion, concentrating the color slightly lower than your transition shade.
  5. Using a smaller tapered brush, take a deep brown shade and make a dark V shape along the outer corner. It doesn’t have to be perfect, since we are laying part of the Nillionaire shade over it. The dark color just gives your eyes some contrast and depth.
  6. Take your finger and rub it into “Nillionaire” and then place the shade all over your lid. Want more sparkle? Go back for some more!
  7. Then take your black liquid liner or black pencil liner and apply it along the upper lid. For the quick and out-of-the-door look I did not add a wing or false lashes, but feel free to do so if you want! It looks great both ways.
  8. On the bottom lash line I lightly blended the brownish peach shade with a small brush along the lash line. I then added a pencil liner along the water line.
  9. Top it off with a couple coats of mascara and *BAM* you are on your way out and look, and feel, like a million bucks 😉

Here’s a little quick guide for the other colors that I used with this look, which happen to be from the Anastasia Beverly Hills World Traveler palette. You don’t have to use the products I used to get the same outcome, similar colors work great!!

Nillionaire look with Anatasia Beverly Hills World Traveler Palette #Nillionaire #colourpop #makeup #eyeshadow at


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion- Original
Urban Decay Eyeshadow “Thirteen” and “High”
Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveler Palette with the colors: Soft Peach, Spoiled, Fudge
ColourPop shadow in “Nillionaire”
Almay Liquid Liner in Black
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in “Perversion”

Nillionaire by ColourPop! #Nillionaire #colourpop #makeup #eyeshadow at

I am ALSO so excited about this look because I have a gorgeous model here to show it off for me!! Last year when I went to the Arnold Classic, and had a BLAST I might add, I met so many wonderful ladies and had SUCH a great time. You can read about my time here: 2016 Arnold Classic Fun. At that event I had the absolute pleasure of getting to do makeup for Laura (who runs the page Grubbdub Fitclub and Kelley (who runs! Two AMAZING ladies that I look up to and find so inspiring let little ole me do their makeup!! You bet your bottom dollar that I brought out allllll my favorite shades for these pretty ladies. I mean, look how beautiful they looked that first day. Of course they always look great, but this picture made me proud. 🙂


Here’s the makeup look from day 2 on the lovely Laura featuring the “Nillionaire” shade 🙂

Nillionaire by ColourPop! #Nillionaire #colourpop #makeup #eyeshadow at

Yayyyyy for fun and pretty makeup on gorgeous models!!! ❤

I’ve tried this look with just black for more of a smoky look, a maroon color for a sweet fall look, and just by itself for an even easier look. I love how versatile it is and look forward to even more looks with it!! If you try it out, let me know what looks you like it for!! =) Also, if you are still reading this, make sure to subscribe or follow me here or on Facebook and Instagram as I will be doing a giveaway for one of these shadows in the next month…so stay tuned!!!



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