30 Things to do before I turn 30 #30things #30yearsold #thirty #almostherblog #todolist

30 Things to do before I turn 30 #30things #30yearsold #thirty #almostherblog #todolist


As some of you might know, I recently celebrated my 29th Birthday. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the extra friend and family time that I received that week, the impending fear about closing in on my thirties still taunted me. So, in an effort to make the most out of the last year in my twenties I thought it would be fitting to make myself a little list of things that I would like to do within this upcoming year. I realize that the things on my list may not be something that you’d have an interest in, which is why I encourage those that want to make his/her own list, please do it!! It doesn’t have to be a 30 before 30 list, you really can do this whenever! Throughout the year I am hoping to add blog posts about some of my experiences with these and also share things via Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #almosther30 so please feel free to subscribe and follow me on the social medias if you like what you see 🙂 So without further ado I bring you…


1: Go somewhere unexpected on a whim. Date and time and location TBD.

2: Learn to drive a stick shift car. Specifically my husband’s car. This makes me nervous as I have a very hard time multitasking so it will certainly be an experience.

3: Cook the best meal ever. I don’t even know what this meal is yet it’s THAT good.

4: Go on an outdoor picnic. I’ve been wanting to do this whole bit for a few years now with my husband and we never have gone. It’s a cheap, easy, and a memorable date. It’s in writing now so it has to come to fruition.

5: See more of Wisconsin. I’ve lived here pretty much my whole life and haven’t even made a dent in all that my state has to offer. It’s time.

6: Stay up long enough to see the sun rise. Now that I’m older I have a steady bedtime of 9:30pm so this will require all of the coffee in the world.

7: Do a pull-up. While this may sound easy to some, it was not something I was ever able to do, or currently able to do, in my entire life. I can dead-hang for like 10 seconds. I know, I know. Insane. haha Just so you know that started from a 4 second hang so I’m making very slow progress, but it’s progress nonetheless.

8: Keep a plant alive until it’s supposed to die or winter comes. This has never happened for me despite my many many failed attempts.

9: Wear purple lipstick in public. This will take all of my saved up confidence. I have the lipstick and wear it at home…alone…where no one sees me. One of the definitions I posted for becoming “Almost Her” was to be able to rock any lipstick color, which even means purple.

10: Unplug for a day. Maybe two. This means no checking emails, or Facebook, or reading from my Kindle, or checking my phone….I’ll be going off the grid for a full day to reap the full benefits.

11: Become a better hugger. I don’t know if I feel like people are going to break or something…or I’m afraid of getting makeup on their collar (truth)…but I want to be able to give people a big ole squish when it calls for it.

12: Pay it forward. I’m going to pay it forward like they do in the movie…although I have no idea what my grand gesture will be quite yet.

13: Get another tattoo. Why not?! I have a few in mind that I’m leaning toward.

14: Go on a roadtrip with my husband. Okay, I’m kind of cheating with this one. Have you ever made a to-do list and wrote something down that you already have done justhttp://www.unique-vintage.com/all-black-monroe-bikini-top.html so you can have the satisfaction of checking it off? Yep, we already have arrangements so this one is a given. To be fair we have never really done this and planning it and actually executing it will be a feat…so I’m counting it!

15: Be brave and wear a bikini for the first time ever. Oh how this one intimidates me. If I can’t wear a bikini on my aforementioned honeymoon…then when can I?! Really?!?!? I have the bikini purchased and it’s a little black Monore style that I found at Unique-Vintage.com. I’m hanging it up for motivation and working on doing the swimwear justice until then. IthinkIcanIthinkIcan. This is it here———–>

16: RELAX. I need to remember this more often. Just relax. You’re fine.

17: Go biking on a legit biking trail near me. I have a bike that I feel like I barely ride anymore but am going to try to take full advantage of that this summer. Also this might tie in with seeing more of what Wisconsin has to offer.

18: Pay for a stranger’s meal. On one of the many roadtrips that my friend Kellie and I went on we came across a Starbucks cup that suggested we pay for someone’s toll. We did it as soon as we hit a tollway and as the older couple passed us on the highway waving and smiling we knew this would become a little tradition of ours. Now I’m going to find a random someone and pay for their meal and keep the happiness rolling.

19: Sleep under the stars. Goodness I hope it gets warmer here soon. I really want to do this as it has been YEARS.

20: Go to town on a speed bag. My husband and I have a speed bag in our basement and while he can definitely rip on it I have a hard time throwing my punches in a rhythm. I want to be like Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby.

21: Stand up for myself more. I care what other people think wayy too much and am working on finding a happy balance with this. It’s a constant struggle of mine and I feel as though I won’t get better if I don’t keep trying.

22: Do yoga in public. I have a little AM Yoga DVD that I do in the confinement of my own house. It’s time to expand my comfort zone again and show the world how much improvement I need in my flexibility.

23: Do something that scares me. I’m feeling like this might be a height related thing of the sort but can’t limit it just yet.

24: Get a professional waxing. Preferably before my honeymoon trip. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the pain factor is holding me back a smidge. KELLYCLARKSON!

25: Be the healthiest version of me. I started this goal last year and only wish to further my pursuit to become the best version of myself.

26: Go vegetarian for a week. I’ve never really done this before but think it would be a good learning experience and also something I’ve been wanting to try. Why not?

27: Build up my emergency fund. Money and I have never particularly been buddies or anything and the little fund I have I keep dipping into for things that I shouldn’t. This is the year to set it straight and build that puppy up!

28: Go to the fanciest dinner ever. While this doesn’t really line up with my last wish to build an emergency fund, I think it’s essential. I love good restaurants and I love food so this one just makes my soMV5BMTg1MjQ0MDg0Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjYyNjI5Mg@@._V1_SX640_SY720_ul happy. You only live once, right?

29: Go in public without ANY makeup on. ::SHUDDERS:: But. I. Can’t.

30: Meet my longest standing crush: Ewan McGregor. So this one probably isn’t very feasible…but it’s Ewan McGregor. If it’s on the list that means I have to try, right? haha Oh how I wish. #noshame

❤ ❤ ❤



So there it is folks!!!! Hope you enjoyed it or thought of some of your own!! Feel free to comment with them and share. I’m not limiting myself to just this list and may eventually add to it =) Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for taking time out of your day to read this!




5 thoughts on “30 THINGS TO DO BEFORE I TURN 30

  1. We can knock out like at least 16 of those this week….hit me up we can travel wisconsin, on a bike, wearing nothing but purple lipstick and a bikini, without our cell phones for guidance or GPS, we will stop and make the bestest picnic meal ever, sleep under the stars (BC we will get lost undoubtedly) and hug….lots of squishy hugs. Ha-ha love you Anna!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This made me laugh so hard Nikki!!! And YES to all of those. Except I’m sure we’d get so lost and then not realize how cold it is under the stars with our bikinis and freeze to death…like Door County haha…GARRYYYYYY!!!! :spongebob voice:

      Number 31: See how many of these things can be done in one day. It might be hard to ride a bike that far after a good bikini wax…but hey! If anyone can do it…it would be us!!

      No for real though any one of those you want to go with to do with me I’d be happy. haha


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