Where have I been?

So, I’m going to come right out and address the big old elephant sitting in the room next to us. I have not been posting in a few months, as some of you may have noticed, and instead of acting like nothing happened I’m just going to lay it all on you and explain myself.

I want to start off by saying that this post is not easy for me to make and one of the biggest reasons I feel like it took me as long as it did was the fact that meant I would have to admit that I failed at something…which most know is not easy to admit to ourselves let alone people that we share our lives with. The first week I missed my normal Friday blog post, because I was busy, I didn’t sweat it too much because I knew I would just start back up the next week. Until that didn’t happen. Then it didn’t happen the next week. The further away we got from that last post date the harder it was for me to post anything at all. In fact, I have 2 half-finished posts that I just couldn’t hit the submit button until I came clean. I felt like I wasn’t being honest with myself or with all of you that read my blog and that’s not fair either.

The longer that I didn’t post the more doubt filled my thoughts. The longer that I didn’t post the less I remembered that little rush of happiness I get once I finish a post. The longer I didn’t post the further away I got from being the me that I want and need to be. The longer that I didn’t post the less I thought about my failure to live up to the expectations that I made for myself. It also made me almost doubt anything I did post even on my personal page. I was starting to crawl back into this own little private shell of mine.

Feeling like you’ve failed at something isn’t a good feeling. The less I thought about my next post having to come clean the better I started to feel. Or so I thought. I was so wrong.

It wasn’t until I had this little epiphany this week  that I really shifted my thinking about how to go about this. This week I realized that me actually failing would be me not writing this post at all. THAT was my real failure. I had been thinking all along that writing this would be hard and embarrassing…but the thought of not writing it didn’t cross my mind until I really thought about it. This humble post is going to be the post to get me back into doing something that I love. This post will help me continue to do something I really enjoy and will lift the huge boulder that has been residing on my chest off and toss it aside where I am unable to see it.

I began to address the doubts that I had in my head and share them all with you as well because it’s what makes me human. I screwed up but I am moving on and I am MORE than my failures. I will not let them define me.

So what have I been doing all this time away from the blogging world? Oh, you know, a little bit of this and that!!

I still LOVE makeup and play with it constantly:


Fun makeup at www.almostherblog.com

What I wore to Suicide Squad screening. at www.almostherblog.com
What I wore to the Suicide Squad screening. Harley Quinn toned down =)

By the way the car pictures get wayyyyyyy better lighting than in my bathroom. haha

I still snuggle with my cats daily:

Rocky cuddles
He’s legit sleeping on my face.


I still enjoy plenty of date days and nights with my cute hubby and am still working on my 30 Before 30 List!!:

Date day with the hubby!
BWW date!

And even though I haven’t been nearly as consistent as I was and my food has been a hit-or-miss lately I still get some workouts in. (More on this situation on an upcoming blog!):



Even though I haven’t posted recently I feel like there were little things that made me excited about the future of my blog so I should share these as well:

  1. It’s been OVER a year since I have been posting!!! One whole year! Happy Birthday Almost Her!!
  2. My view count passed the 10,000 mark a month ago and now is up to 12,000!! That sure makes me happy!! It’s people from all over the world as well so it makes me happy to see that some of my posts resonated with people from all over!
  3. My Jello Shot recipe on Pinterest brings me several notifications daily of people who saved or re-pinned it and now is up to 1,000! This means you should look out for a jello shot idea I have the for a future post. It’s gonna be yummmyyy!!! Please subscribe for all of the upcoming goodies!


I know these are small things in the big gigantic blogging world but they sure made me happy!!


Also I have to finish this post by giving a big virtual hug to all of the people who encouraged me to start writing again. Thank you to any of you that told me that you loved reading my blog, that it encouraged you, that it made you laugh, and that I should keep going. It meant more to me than I could ever express. You all know who you all are and I appreciate you so incredibly much!!! This is for you!!!!!!! ❤ ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD!!!!


I hope everyone has a great day and stay tuned for good things ahead!!!!!





P.s. It feels good to be back 😉

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