Moroccan Inspired Eyeshadow Look

Moroccan Inspired Eyeshadow Look at Almost Her Blog! #anastasiabeverlyhills #bblogger #eyeshadow

Moroccan Inspired Eyeshadow Look at Almost Her Blog! #anastasiabeverlyhills #bblogger #eyeshadow

I knew I had to have this beautiful Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveler palette the moment I laid eyes on it…ESPECIALLY after I saw how pretty the colors were in person!! The color “Pink Champagne” is one of my new absolute favorites. I also love a ton of the other colors and have tried most of them out since I bought it a few months ago, but this has been my go-to look. I also use this palette for a pretty natural eyeshadow look with a red lip on my other blog post here. I hope to eventually do a post about that makeup look since it’s my almost everyday one and the one I pair most with a bold lip. Okay, so here is the palette up close. Note: I tried taking this picture before I even touched any of the shadows but, as you can see, I had to get my paws on Pink Champagne right away. Oh well. Still pretty!!!

Moroccan Inspired Eyeshadow Look at Almost Her Blog! #anastasiabeverlyhills #bblogger #eyeshadow

Moroccan Inspired Eyeshadow Look at Almost Her Blog! #anastasiabeverlyhills #bblogger #eyeshadow

Here’s a little description right off of the website of each color because sometimes pictures don’t really do it justice: ♥

Soft Peach – Nude pastel peach with an ultra-matte finish.
Morocco – Deep burnt orange with an ultra-matte finish.
Heirloom – Pinky eggplant with a sparkle finish.
Bellini – Golden peach with a satin finish.
Pink Champagne – Shimmery pink with a titanium finish.
Chic – Taupe gray with a shimmer finish.
Spoiled – Gold-flecked peach with a metallic finish.
Fudge – Rich, chocolate brown with an ultra-matte finish.
Azure – Vibrant blue with a metallic finish.
Intense Gaze – Bronzed pink with a satin finish.
Metallic – Brassy gold with a metallic finish.
Noir – Deep carbon black with an ultra-matte finish

Moroccan Inspired Eyeshadow Look at Almost Her Blog! #anastasiabeverlyhills #bblogger #eyeshadow

Once I got the palette I realized that there must’ve been a reason I loved the packaging so much…it matches my little Sassy pants! She’s such a little model posing with my makeup. I swear I didn’t notice until I was trying to take pictures and she just plopped down right by it. Can you tell she’s a girl? 😉

Okay, so let’s get right to the look!! Here is my Moroccan Inspired Eyeshadow Look:

Moroccan Inspired Eyeshadow Look at Almost Her Blog! #anastasiabeverlyhills #bblogger #eyeshadow

Here are the steps to achieve this look:

  1. You guys know the drill. I almost always start my makeup looks the same way for optimal blendability: I apply Urban Decay’s Primer Potion to my eyelid and wait a minute before setting the primer with skin/peach colored eyeshadow. Applying the primer helps to keep your eyeshadow from creasing or moving at all during the day which is why I use it. The nude eyeshadow that I apply after really helps to lock down the primer and makes it way easier to blend your makeup down the line. For this look I lightly dabbed my brush in the color Soft Peach and blended it out to set it, staying away from right under the brow bone. That was reserved for my highlighter, which I applied now. I then took a damp brush and applied the color “Pink Champagne” all over the lid and on the inner corner of my eye for more of a wet metallic shade. I then gawked at it in satisfaction.
  2. Then take the color “Spoiled” or your own metallic peach color, and blend that along the crease line and up a bit as your transition color. Blend it out and blend some more.
  3. Take a more condensed brush (I used the shorter side that came with the palette) to apply Morocco, or a brownish orange, concentrated along your crease. Blend with “Spoiled” just a tad so there are not any harsh lines.
  4. Take a very small amount of “Noir” or a deep matte black and apply it to the outer V of your eye.
  5. Line the lower lash line with a black eyeliner and then smoke out the color “Intense Glaze” (bronzy red/pink tone) underneath it. I also splashed a little of that in the center of my crease above “Morocco.”
  6. Line your upper lash line with a black liquid liner, add some mascara, and feel free to pop on some fake lashes if you wish! Done!! ❤

Here’s a little breakdown of how I did of this look to make it even easier!:

Moroccan Inspired Eyeshadow Look at Almost Her Blog! #anastasiabeverlyhills #bblogger #eyeshadow


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion- Original
Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveler Palette with the colors: Soft Peach, Spoiled, Pink Champagne, Morocco, Intense Gaze, and Noir
ColourPop Highlighter in “Smoke N Whistles”
Almay Liquid Liner in Black
IT Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner
IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Extensions mascara
Ardell Eyelashes in Demi 120
Duo Dark-tone Eyelash Adhesive


IT Cosmetics Brow Power in Universal
Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 in Light Neutral
IT Cosmetics “Bye Bye Under Eye” in Neutral Medium
Almay Clear Complexion Concealer in Light
LORAC PRO Contour Palette
IT Cosmetics “Bye Bye Pores” Powder

I’ve been so preoccupied mentally with my journey back to a healthy life (Which you can read more about my start in my last two blog posts: It’s All About the Journey and Holy Shrimp! This Scampi Happening!) that I know that some things have fallen short lately for me. What has fallen short you ask? The house work mainly. I still feel like my biggest struggle is time management which I am constantly working on. I know that my work load pales in comparison to some people with all that they do, but for me every time I add something new my scale wavers a little bit in one direction or the other. I’m placing fitness and my health currently at the top of my priority list, which is good for me and what I absolutely need to do BUT with working out I’m also making time for things that I haven’t in a long time such as: making a legit shopping list for certain recipes, actually shopping for all of those things, and spending almost an entire day out of my week cooking. Add to that my longggg boughts of time on the treadmill and listening to Jillian everyday and trying to read all that I can about fitness and you have less time than before. Do NOT get me wrong: I love this stuff and have been happy about doing it!! I just need to be aware of it and not let it hinder me. In addition to fitness I’ve still been trying to place Dan’s and my relationship also near the top of my list, I find it so easy to take each other and our time together for granted and I’ve definitely been trying to do things with him that we both enjoy even if it’s only once a week. We have a couple of fun things planned this weekend that I’m really looking forward to!! That keeps me going.  I also added a part-time job to the mix this month, which I totally am happy about, but I still have this little blog and my book to be thinking about on top of it. ALSO with that comes reading all that I can! I haven’t had time to read some of the books I’ve purchased and that makes me a little sad. Maybe I’ll grab some time this weekend to feel centered again and do things in my nothingness of things. AND I’m always worried and trying to be a better friend. I’ve been pretty good at seeing at least 2 friends a week and some of my family, even if it’s a short time. (I saw BOTH Dan’s and my family this week anddd several friends all on different days. That’s been busy but also good. You know what? I guess out of all of those things having the housework suffer is probably the best thing. It’s not going anywhere and I’ll end up making time for things once I’m settled. I feel like this is just a big transition period for me and I know things will seem like they will slow down soon once I’m more acclimated to things and the weather gets cooler and we all hibernate.

So basically what I’m saying after that whole paragraph here is….Does someone want to clean my house? hahaha No. Actually I do wonder: How do YOU manage your time or what do you struggle with? Please feel free to comment!!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings on this fine Friday evening. I hope you enjoy the makeup look and feel free to let me know if you want to see anything specific with that!! I have some fun ideas and eyeshadow looks coming up so please check back here and subscribe!!



4 thoughts on “Moroccan Inspired Eyeshadow Look

  1. Maybe try tackling one thing a day. I know there are plenty of go to lists in pinterest as to what basic cleaning schedule can help keep your home looking spic and span.
    Keep up the amazing work in your journey to being healthy. You’re awesome!


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