“Too Much Weight”

Sassy with 15lb weights! almostherblog.com

As some of you readers might know I posted a blog about 4 months ago talking about the very personal (for me at least) subject of weight loss and how I had hit a rock bottom of sorts. I touched on my efforts with my health here and there in the beginning but haven’t posted so much as of late. To be completely honest it started off with me wanting to wait to post pictures and my progress until I had a ton of progress to show. I wanted this great transformation and have that “after” picture ready to go. I was going to post AFTER I crossed that finish line and say, “I made it!”

Truth is…as I’ve learned and as I should have known…There is no finish line when it comes to health. It’s a consistent and on-going effort.

Since that original post I’ve learned a lot (some of which you can find at “54 Things I’ve Learned While Getting Healthy“) about myself and my capabilities but have also had my fair share of setbacks. Even though this kind of stuff is hard for me to admit I feel like, once again, I couldn’t call my blog “Almost Her” without talking about my flaws and ups and DOWNS.

When I started off I was so focused on my goals and nothing was stopping me. Then we hit the beginning of the holidays and Dan’s party and time became more constrained and my focus waned. My once 6-days-a-week of exercising become 5 days…and then 4 days. My “treat yo self” meal once a week became twice a week and then a full day. My steady weight loss per week hit a standstill and then the negative self-talk took over. “You’ve failed yourself and even worse you’ve failed those that were rooting for you. Now you’re not any closer to your goal you ____ ” Those that have this little jerk of a voice in your head know that berating yourself does nothing to help you either and it was the beginning of a small decline.

I stopped taking my measurements and progress pictures because I was waiting for them to be “better” and thought that “the longer I wait the more of a difference I will see.” This led me not seeing any progress and blinded me from things I needed to improve on. My weight hovers now and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was a little down about it. Okay, a lot down about it. It’s my fault.

It was only after talking to my mother about my predicament and telling her all that I did wrong when she stopped me mid-sentence and said:

“You are putting TOO MUCH WEIGHT and reading too much into your slip-ups when you should just move on.”

It’s funny how simple that sounds but sometimes hearing something out loud like that can snap you into reality.

YES I’ve had my bad days and ate pizza and drank beer when I shouldn’t have…BUT I’ve also had a lot of good things happen in these 4 months that I shouldn’t throw off to the side. I’m officially under 200 pounds!

#fitnessmotivation #almostherblog
Getting my sweat on!

I bought and have been using heavier (15lb.) weights with my DVDs so I AM getting stronger!:

Sassy with 15lb weights! almostherblog.com
Sassy with my 15lb. weights


I started and finished my Bodyshred program all the way through! I’ve lost 20 pounds so far and I can do a few sets of these when 4 months ago I could barely push myself up for 1!

(I know it’s not perfect…but still!)

I can do push-ups not on my knees anymore and the list goes on!….So I need to start talking the good with the bad and NOT put so much weight into my failures. I’m gonna have them. Plenty of them. It’s what I do after my failures that matter. I’ve held on this long and I should make that count! So here’s to us to keep pushing and fighting for what we want and trying not to knock ourselves down! Dude, we got this!!

#santa5k #fitness
Me and Kellie after a Santa 5k fun run! =)




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