I said I’d be back at 1…but WHICH 1?!


As some of you may have read in my previous blog posts about my transition into a healthy lifestyle, (Changes) I use the phrase “baby steps” consistently to remind myself to take, or do things, one step at a time. I have to take one day at a time, one meal at a time, and add those together to get progress. Well, I also have that same mentality when it comes to other things in my life, such as writing.

When I first set out to make writing more of a part of my daily routine I also wanted to make it my mission to try to explore books that friends recommended and hopefully also explore some local talent. It was my baby steps of sorts. Do you ever wish for something and then just like that it falls in front of you like some sort of magic? No? I know! That never happens! This time it actually did! The same week that I was looking for something to read I saw one of the lovely ladies (who I had also met though my favorite band) in a picture holding a book titled “Front Row” by an author named Rebekah Bryan…and the cover had this awesome red guitar on it! My concert-loving self was sold immediately!!

"Front Row" by Rebekah Bryan

After purchasing the book on my Kindle I opened it up the next morning, with the intention of reading a chapter or two before starting my day, and ended up finishing the book later that night. No nice dinner for Dan, no chores accomplished, and no social interactions that day. I binge-read the heck outta that book!!! The book is about a girl that is in college and spends her time traveling to see her favorite band all around different states. She struggles to find a balance between her life wanting to have fun at concerts and her college studies. Being a girl that also went through this very struggle, spending time and money that I often debated, but still usually picked concerts, this book was nostalgic for me and I loved it. (You can buy her book here: Front Row: A Rock and Roll Fangirl Novel)

Shortly after I finished the book I worked up the courage to send a little message to the author, Rebekah, just letting her know that I looked up to her and how much I loved the book!! After a few messages back and forth, where we discovered our mutual friends connection AND our love for the SAME bands, she graciously invited me to join her and a couple of other local writers for coffee later that month.

Me and Rebekah!
Rebekah and I!

This was just over a year ago and I couldn’t be more thankful for the friendships and time that we have spent since then. This past year has been amazing and I’m truly inspired by all of the women that are in our little group. I feel like our meetings are half writing and half support group. haha

In this last year:

  1. We went to the museum for a fun write-in!!

Museum Write-In2. We occupied several different and local coffee shops for bursts of creativity and writing.

3. We also occupied several different and local coffee shops for bursts of talking and laughing.

4. We learned how NOT to spell Massachusetts and fusha fushsia fuchsia. I still have to look that one up. The bright pinkish redish purplish color.

5. We learned that the old quote “Write drunk, edit sober” doesn’t work so well…but it’s fun!

6. We had a write-in the night of the time change and had some fun: “Hey, we could set the clocks back early and drink for another hour and start writing at the 2nd midnight! I said I’d be back at 1, but which 1?! The 1st one or the 2nd one?!” *See Number 5 for result.

7. Malinda and Rebekah had their books for sale at a local fair and had their book release parties!

8. Malinda put out her first AND second book this year and a novella!!! She is such an inspirational person!! Check out “Through the Mountains” and “Across the Sea and Hills” and her novella: “Fire and Snow” on Amazon!

9. Rebekah came out with her second book in the Fandom Collection entitled, “Lyfers“, which I also loved and binge-read! (It’s about a boy band and the fans that join them on a cruise. Love.)

10. I met a new friend, Meaghan, in the midst of the year and learned we have several crazy commonalities as well!! (Yay for our Deadpool double date!)

11. We celebrated a beautiful marriage and wedding together! (And a fun Bachelorette Party!)


12. We went beer tasting together where they paired each beer with a cheese, bacon, and Girl Scout cookie. This. Was. Awesome.

Bacon, Girl Scout cookie, and cheese pairings with beer.

13. We shared our successes and doubts with each other and supported one another.

14. They helped me gain the courage to even start my blog in the first place.

15. And last, but certainly not least, this group has helped me keep going when I didn’t believe in myself or struggled in my other writing pursuits. They have kept me motivated and provided a source of inspiration for me as I hope to be even half as great as they all are one day.

So to the ladies in my writing group I have to say thank you for everything you do and I look forward to many more fun write-in time together!! Thank you for becoming my fast friends and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for each of us!! To those that are looking to get into writing at all, may I suggest joining a writing group where you all are each other’s biggest fans ❤


Also please check out Rebekah Bryan’s website for more:


And also Malinda Andrew’s fantastic Blog:




4 thoughts on “I said I’d be back at 1…but WHICH 1?!

  1. You have grown so much in the past few years. You never cease to amaze me. From being brave enough to find new friends and reach out to others for help, when that is terrifying to you….you keep doing it all. Keep it up girl!!! You are flat rocking at life! ❤

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    1. Awww 🙂 Thank you Kelley!!! This means a lot to me ❤ It's with friends like you that I can keep growing as a person and hopefully be that girl I've always wanted to be!


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