Do you trust me? -God

This is the blog post that I envisioned writing a year from now. You see, in a year from now, I’d be able to talk about my dreams with the full knowledge that I was successful and I didn’t fail. I would’ve typed this out in my swanky office (complete with some touches of pink and gold) in a gorgeous all-black outfit with perfect hair and nails and would be making a decent living doing the thing I love most. Problem is…if I wait until things are perfect to share that doesn’t help you or me. So with all the sucking up of pride that I have, here’s my current story:

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Current Favorite Beauty Products

Urban Decay's Afterglow Highlighter in Sin #UrbanDecay #afterglow #highlight

In my never-ending quest to find my most loved body, hair, and makeup products I’ve struck some major gold lately with these current favorites of mine. I thought it was about time that I make another post about it since most of these things I have loved for months and months. They are tested by myself and also loved by myself. I am not sponsored in any way to talk about these products but just truly love them all! (Also one of my favorite things is on sale right now so the timing seemed perfect.)

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How I Save $$ When Buying Makeup

Makeup Looks from Almost Her Blog

Hello friends! It’s no secret that one of my best loved hobbies is makeup. All of it. Sometimes that can get a little expensive if you are not sure what to watch for so I thought I would pass on the few things that seem to work best for me! (Note: This is not a […]

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