Almost Perfect

#crazylifefueledbycrazydreams #ingramhill #almostperfect

Little did I know that one concert back in 2004 would change my life for the better. Here’s my little story on it.

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Excuse Number 761

Before I share this week’s guest blog post I feel the need to talk about the girl behind the article. I first met Kellie in High School where I saw her around but we didn’t talk much at first. We were in a Creative Writing class together when she wore a Hanson shirt to school […]

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Musings From the Treadmill

So, I finally did it! Sort of. I actually figured out how to use Instagram. I know. I know. Impressive, right? (HA!) I mean, I knew that it was for showcasing pictures and everything…but up until this week I unknowingly had the blog account set to private, which does not help me out at all. […]

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