New ColourPop Pressed Powder Swatches and Review

ColourPop Pressed Shadow swatches at Almost Her Blog! #colourpopswatches #colourpopressedpowders

Hello, friends!!!!

As some of you may already know, I’m kind of in love with the brand ColourPop. Besides the fact that they create some really fun products, they are also super affordable, don’t test on animals, and are located right in California. What’s not to love?

If you entered my giveaway or saw my last post, you saw one of my favorite eyeshadows ever, which is the color “Nillionaire.” ColourPop’s Super Shock shadows are very unique in their formula in the way of texture and pigmentation. If you’ve never tried those out before I can only describe the feel of the shadows as like a very silky and silicone-type texture that applies best using your fingertip. SO when I heard that they were launching actual Pressed Powders (aka “normal” eyeshadow) and that they were only $5 I had to get my hands on a few and try them out for myself!

Why so many ColourPop posts you ask? No, I’m not sponsored by them or anything. (Although, I’d love it!) One of the reasons that I post about them so frequently (besides my love of the brand and the billion launches that they do) is for people like me that like to get a closer look at a product before they commit. Most makeup that I really like you can find in places like Ulta or Sephora and can look at the products up close before buying them. Since ColourPop is online only I want to help some people make their decision a little easier before they commit to the product. I know that I go online and either watch videos before I pick my shades, so if I’m able to help someone get a better look at a product, I’m all for that!! I also love just how affordable they are and if I can let someone know about it that didn’t before, that’s great too!

ColourPop Pressed Shadow swatches at Almost Her Blog! #colourpopswatches #colourpopressedpowders

After I ordered my little batch of new eyeshadows I was watching my mail like a hawk. I was beyond excited to get these and try them out!!!

ColourPop Pressed Shadow swatches at Almost Her Blog! #colourpopswatches #colourpopressedpowders

P.s. Taking pictures of the shadows without opening them up or swatching them for myself honestly makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning who sees all of the presents under the tree but is still anxiously waiting for mom and dad to get out of bed.

So here are the shadows that I picked out to try for myself:

ColourPop Pressed Shadow swatches at Almost Her Blog! #colourpopswatches #colourpopressedpowders

I bought them as individuals, so they came in the little packs that are shown above. Inside those packs, they are in a little tiny plastic case, which is what I have them in now until I get a palette to put them all in.

Here are these pretty colors swatched:

ColourPop Pressed Shadow swatches at Almost Her Blog! #colourpopswatches #colourpopressedpowders

Those metallized ones are just something else guys. Soooooo pretty!!! If I could make my own colors in my own palette, they would most likely look like this. My faves! I’m gonna break these down by the order I have them shown here. I’ve worn them at least four different times since I received these and have a pretty good feel for them.

ColourPop Pressed Powder in #ComeandGetIt at #colourpop #colourpoppressedpowder
Come and Get It

The first shadow (pictured above) is called “Come and Get It” and I think that this is one of my favorites out of all of them. This is one of their metallic pressed powders and it’s a beautiful duochrome rose and gold. The pink color definitely stands out the most but at certain angles the gold catches and this is just gorgeous. It definitely gives the eye dimension and is even a really good stand alone color. I also used it just in the center of my eyelid over a darker color for that little highlight and added color. The pigmentation is awesome and actually better than I expected for $5. WIN!!!!!

ColourPop Pressed Powder in #FireFly at #colourpop #colourpoppressedpowder
Fire Fly

The second color “Fire Fly” is one that I was most hopeful for. In all of my palettes the color that I hit the pan first almost all of the time is the nude and natural looking colors. This one is a matte pale beige, and as you can probably see, and matches my skin tone completely. haha You almost can’t even see it in the swatch, which is what I was going for! In all of my makeup looks, I set my primer with a nude color just like this, so for me to find one that would work well for $5 was wonderful!! This color shows up great. There is a little kickup of powder when I dip my brush in it, but the brush still picks up a lot of the color, so it does its job! If you go through the nude colors as fast as I do, I think this is definitely worth picking up.

ColourPop Pressed Powder in #SilverLining at #colourpop #colourpoppressedpowder
Silver Lining

The shade above is called “Silver Lining,” which I find hilarious as it certainly is not a silver color. This shade caught my eye immediately because it’s pretty matte dusty purple color. I’ve been using it mainly as a darker transition shade color, but really you could use this however your little heart desires! I’m always drawn to the purple shades of things and didn’t have one that had this dusty light hue to it. I see several great makeup looks in the future for this one!

ColourPop Pressed Powder in #CuteAlert at #colourpop #colourpoppressedpowder
Cute Alert

This next color I had been searching for a few months. I really wanted a darker shade like this that was deep burgundy, but not too brown or too orange tinted on the skin. I wanted it to look like fine wine. ha! I’m so glad I took a chance on “Cute Alert” because this is exactly it! It’s another matte color, but the deep red/brownish hue is just really complimentary and does a good job of getting the eye color to really pop out against it. I’ve used this as a darker color in the outer v of my eye and I’ve also used this color all over my eyelid as well. For this shade and for “Silver Lining” I do feel like sometimes it can look a little patchy in spots, but layers really evenly and can be fixed by a little blending and layering. The pigmentation is pretty awesome with this one too. I barely have to tap my brush into the shade and it picks up a ton of color which is awesome!!

ColourPop Pressed Powder in #Milli at #colourpop #colourpoppressedpowder

This last shade “Milli” was a shade that I got for free with my order and even though I couldn’t find it on the site currently, I just had to share it because it’s drool worthy. Also if it is any indication of all of the other metallic shades, I’m going to be wanting more of them. This color is a realllyyy intense copper penny shade and it just so pigmented AND sparkly and glamorous. It’s like a cousin to the shade “Nillionaire,” so I am definitely a fan. I used this over the lid and actually applied it with my finger because the color just picked up so well. I’m not kidding you guys, I barely tap my finger into it and it picks up SO much color. It is really something else. If I were ever to pick out an eyeshadow formula to do or have myself, this would be it with the metallic shades. It’s everything I hoped for and I’m really happy with the collection so far!!

And those were the shades!! Here’s another little swatch recap and a tiny bit closer:

ColourPop Pressed Shadow swatches at Almost Her Blog! #colourpopswatches #colourpopressedpowders

To go over what I liked about it: Pretty shades, inexpensive, pigmented, a lot of product in one swipe, good texture. So overall, I think these are definitely a win in my book and I will hopefully get some more!

I also think these would be a great starting place for those that want to get more into makeup but don’t want to make a huge investment. They could get 4 colors and be set!!! I love this!!

If any of you would like to see a look with these colors, or with another palette, please comment below! I got some great suggestions given to me from the Giveaway and definitely want to show things that you all want to see most 🙂

Thank you SO much for taking the time out of your day to read this!!! Now go out there and kick this Monday in the butt!! ❤ (Or wind down with some red wine that is similar to the Cute Alert shadow. You’ve earned it. ;))






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