Excuse Number 761

Before I share this week’s guest blog post I feel the need to talk about the girl behind the article. I first met Kellie in High School where I saw her around but we didn’t talk much at first. We were in a Creative Writing class together when she wore a Hanson shirt to school […]

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My Power’s Turned On

Brewers 10k Medal! almostherblog.com

After my very first 5k experience, where my friend Zac showed up five minutes after the starting gun went off, wearing all black on a mid-August day, and was slightly hungover (which you can read fully about here) I’ve toned down on the running a little. The first 5k was several years ago and I’ve run […]

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Timing and Perfection: The Just Do It Version

Inspiration from About Her Blog

Well, I’m doing it. I’m going to post about one of the things you don’t talk about when starting a blog: Perfection. Perfection in life’s phases. Perfection in expectations for yourself and your goals. And, yes, perfection in making a blog. To be more specific; striving for perfection. I didn’t want to bring this up […]

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