Almost Her Blog Giveaway and favorite products!

My Favorites *GIVEAWAY*

Hey, guys!!! I am SO excited about this post because I am finally doing another little giveaway!!! Last time it was a fun way to bring people to my blog and it also gave me a chance to share some of my favorite products directly with you, the people who make this all worthwhile! Before … Continue reading My Favorites *GIVEAWAY*

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette! #udfullspectrum #rainboweyeshadow #urbandecay

Deadlifts, Kelley Purple Look, and a Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette!

Hi, friends!!! I had to start the blog post off with some pictures of my new Urban Decay Full Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette because I'm a little excited about it. It's just so dang purtyyyy! I saved up some Ulta points from last year, waited until this was on sale, and then snatched it for myself!! … Continue reading Deadlifts, Kelley Purple Look, and a Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette!

Pretty jewelry that Kellie made us!! #swolesisters #babygotracks

The Aftermath of Failure

Admitting that you've failed is never an easy thing to do...It's hard enough to admit it to ourselves, let alone announce it to others. In today's society we mainly see the major highlight reels of everyone else's life and don't get the excruciatingly long details about things that aren't going so well. I'm here to … Continue reading The Aftermath of Failure