Green Bay Packer Smokey Eyeshadow Look

Green Bay Packer Smokey Eyeshadow Look perfect for game day!! #packermakeup #packereyeshadow #greensmokeyeye #zodiaceyeshadow

Green Bay Packer Smokey Eyeshadow Look perfect for game day!! #packermakeup #packereyeshadow #greensmokeyeye #zodiaceyeshadow

As a self-proclaimed makeup junkie hearing a stranger stop you and say, word for word, ” Your eye makeup is on point!” while at the Disney store will pretty much make your entire day. To that nice lady stranger: I appreciate you and that made me so happy. It also wasn’t a bad reminder for me to keep telling people that I think are awesome that they are indeed awesome. Everyone needs a reminder sometimes. 🙂 The day that I got complimented was when Dan and I celebrated our Anniversary in the Dells and there just so happened to be a Packer game on..which they won…obviously because I had this eyeshadow on….haha BUT this was also the day that me and Dan watched the game in this sweet little bar where we each had a tv facing us in the booth we were in AND we got to have this bad baby:

Biggest Bloody Mary Ever
Biggest Bloody Mary ever.

That was a great day. Not only did I get to celebrate with my hubby, get complimented, and have a giant Bloody Mary but I also learned that this year I’m good luck to the Packers!! Only when I looked away or went to the bathroom did the other team score. Then that happened again at the next game we watched so my husband called me good luck. I’ll take it!! Hopefully that luck continues throughout the season.

Ulta recently had their “21 Days of Beauty” promotion and I did end up getting a few needed things that were on sale, one of them being this majestic and beautiful eyeshadow by Urban Decay called “Zodiac” which is from their Moondust collection. It’s SO sparkly and pretty!!! It’s kind of hard to tell in the pictures exactly how it looks but trust me, it’s dang gorgeous. I have a few other Moondust ones and had my eye on this one for a while. It kind of looks black in some lights and then green in other lights with flecks of sparkle in different shades of green and light blue. On the eye, as you can see below, it looks like a dark metallic green! PERFECT for a smokey eye Packer look!!! Here’s a few pictures I got of it in which I tried to showcase the different tones in the eyeshadow:

Green Bay Packer Smokey Eyeshadow Look perfect for game day!! #packermakeup #packereyeshadow #greensmokeyeye #zodiaceyeshadow

Green Bay Packer Smokey Eyeshadow Look perfect for game day!! #packermakeup #packereyeshadow #greensmokeyeye #zodiaceyeshadow

Green Bay Packer Smokey Eyeshadow Look perfect for game day!! #packermakeup #packereyeshadow #greensmokeyeye #zodiaceyeshadow
Annndd then my cat got curious about it…

This is just one of a few different Packer looks I like, but this has by far been my favorite and most used one recently so I hope you like it!! Here’s how!

Green Bay Packer Smokey Eyeshadow Look perfect for game day!! #packermakeup #packereyeshadow #greensmokeyeye #zodiaceyeshadow

Get this Look:

  1. Prime your eyelids with a eyeshadow primer to blur imperfections and get your makeup to last all day. Then set the primer with a cream skin-colored eyeshadow so that blending is easier down the line.
  2. Highlight the inner corner of your eyes with a champagne looking shimmer and then apply this also right under your brow bone for some depth.
  3. Apply a peach colored eyeshadow with a fluffy brush as your transition shade above the crease to make blending more seamless.
  4. Because of the glitter and duotone capability of this eyeshadow there is a little possible fallout when applying it so I like to use a white cream base on the inner 3/4ths of my eyelid to give it even better sticking power and bring out those different tones.
  5. On the outer corner of your eye apply a black cream eyeliner, again for sticking power and also bringing out the different shades of the eyeshadow. This part doesn’t have to be perfect as we are going to cover it up soon!
  6. I find that I get the best application of this eyeshadow using my finger and packing it on my eyelid above the cream bases that you just applied. Not enough glitter? Keep packing it on and freaking love the shimmer. Blend out any harsh edges with your peach eyeshadow.
  7. Using a black liquid eyeliner line your eye and create a small wing if you wish to kick it up a notch!
  8. Line the bottom lash line with a back gel eyeliner and then taking an angled brush apply the green sparkly eyeshadow above it on the outer lower half.
  9. Taking the liquid crystal liner in gold line the inner lower lash line for a pretty pop of gold and glitz!! Green and Gold!
  10. Curl those purdy lashes and add some mascara and fake lashes if you’d like and voila!! Beautiful Green and Gold Smokey Packer look!

Green Bay Packer Smokey Eyeshadow Look perfect for game day!! #packermakeup #packereyeshadow #greensmokeyeye #zodiaceyeshadow

Green Bay Packer Smokey Eyeshadow Look perfect for game day!! #packermakeup #packereyeshadow #greensmokeyeye #zodiaceyeshadow
Got my Packer shirt and earrings on too!

Don’t like the Packers? Shame on you! haha No, kidding. This is totally a look that doesn’t have to be for a Packer game either and can be used on its own as a green smokey eye look!!! Who doesn’t love green and glitter? (Mama C, I think you’ll like this one ;))


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion- Original
Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow “Zodiac”
NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Gold
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and Black Bean
Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveler Palette with the colors: Soft Peach and Spoiled
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette: Foxy
ColourPop Highlighter in “Smoke N Whistles”
Almay Liquid Liner in Black
IT Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner
Tarte Opening Act Lash Primer
Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara
Ardell Eyelashes in Demi 120
Duo Dark-tone Eyelash Adhesive


Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm in Medium
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 in Light Neutral
IT Cosmetics “Bye Bye Under Eye” in Light
Almay Clear Complexion Concealer in Light
LORAC PRO Contour Palette
IT Cosmetics Brow Power in Universal
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Sydney
IT Cosmetics “Bye Bye Pores” Powder

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!! Like this look and want another? Let me know! Also any of you have some good luck rituals when it comes to your favorite teams? Fess up! 😉



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