Balancing: Act 1

Does anyone else have a certain tell or sign for when they are feeling overwhelmed or too busy in their life? I do. Mine is pretty simple too. When I don’t make my bed in the morning things are just off for me. My roomie Jenny pointed this out to me once and I’ve found it to be 100% true.

I had once read the importance of making your bed in the morning and apparently really took it to heart. The author had said essentially if you make your bed every morning you will have completed your very first task of the day. It seems like such a small accomplishment, but it also sets the tone for the rest of your day. I’ll add to this that ever since I got to decorate my very own room for the first time in my life, I’ve found it to be my little oasis. A scattered oasis sets up for a disheveled Anna. No bueno.

My room has had an unkempt bed more days than I can count on two hands.

My oasis of a room ❤ (When the bed is made.)

About a month or two ago I had started writing a variation of this blog post. Since then things have changed for me and so has the outcome.

I was sitting at my friend Nikki’s house awhile ago when we got on the topic of being busy. I was trying to juggle too many things at once and it left me feeling like my head was barely above water, even though I was treading as hard and fervently as I could manage. The to-do lists were piling up, I felt overwhelmed in a few different areas of my life, and I was having trouble managing my time. (HA! I said that in past tense. This is a current struggle. I have trouble managing my time. Work in progress, folks.) I had rattled off my current to-do list to her and that’s when she stopped me.

“What are you doing for you?” she asked.

I paused for a moment and said, “Well, I’m taking time tomorrow to get caught up on laundry and dishes so I feel better about things.”

She was like, “Well, that’s fine and dandy, but what are you doing for you?”

I sat for a minute and pondered. This should be an easy question, right? There isn’t much of a wrong answer. I’m thinking about the things that make me happy, right?




“Well, what would you say to that?” I asked back.

“I have plans to sit my butt right here with a comfy ole blanket and just watch Netflix and relax,” she said while grabbing a blanket next to her.

“Ooooo…that’s a good one,” I replied, “I’m going to really have to think on that.” I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it bothered me that I didn’t have an immediate answer.

I was on a mission, guys. A mission to find out what I could be doing just for me.

The very next day I did what any fiscally conscious girl would do and decided to peruse Groupon for a deal and for all my answers. A chiropractor! Right by where I work! Just a little click into the shopping cart and BAM! I’ve heard that could be relaxing and good for you! (And I wasn’t wrong for the most part on that. I love feeling like I’m getting an oil change and tune up for my body and that helped quell that curiosity.) Oh, but I didn’t stop there.

I bought some scented candles to light off during a luxurious soak, complete with a strawberry bath bomb. I bought a new bag of coffee to spice up my mornings. And that new eye shadow color I had been pining over? Mine now! I started to make plans on top of plans to just have fun. And meet up with friends, which I entirely loved. A concert here. A concert there. I even started to go on dates with a great dude and we went to all of the restaurants and ate all of the sushi. I was just having fun. It felt like the break that I was waiting for and I know that time served a purpose for me and my life. #noregrets #exceptthewalletandwaistline

Until I started to realize that I may have went too hard the other way. Doing all of the things that I had thought I considered entertaining and for me were actually becoming a distraction from the things I really want in my life. That’s not to say distractions aren’t fun, because they certainly are, but they aren’t the kind of something for yourself that makes you feel really fulfilled. Both are great! But I need both. Not just one.

The balancing act of life is admittedly something that I have yet to master. It’s something I work on daily and probably something I will have to continuously shift with, and adjust to, as my life changes. And it will always change.

But…as I sit here on my patio listening to the purrs of the cars as they roll by, sipping on my warm cup of tart black coffee, feeling myself lean into the perfect cradling summer temperature while allowing my pen to ballet across my notebook, I am reminded once again that writing, and this little blog, is the best thing I can do for myself. This is what I do for me. And to those of you who read along, words can’t say how much I appreciate you. This feels like purpose for me and to know others care enough to read it really just makes my heart happy. So thank you for being a part of my purpose ❤

Now that I’ve unloaded a little, I want to hear from you! Anyone else feeling overwhelmed? What are some things that you love to do for you? There really is no wrong answer here! Just something fun or something that makes you feel fulfilled. I’m looking for ideas all around, folks ❤



P.s. Don’t let anyone steal your joy ❤

2 thoughts on “Balancing: Act 1

  1. Working out and getting my nails done. Seems small but now that I have my girls, I dont so much for myself anymore. My grocery list consists of meals for us all, things I know the kids will eat, that my husband will try, he was brought up as a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy and he doesnt like to try other things. My nights consist of cleaning the house thats perpetually dirty and scattered with toys. Laundry that never ends, never ending doctor visits and dentist visits. Cleaning up after the dogs and dishes and bathes, there is always 101 things to do and only so much time when you are working a full time job. Its exhausting. My time, and even though it costs me some money that could easily pay a bill or lower a credit card each month, it is mine….all mine. Getting my nails done makes me feel a little more put together and same with working out. I went through a lot of body issues in highschool and didnt love my body the way it deserved. My body and my nails were some of the things I hated the most. Working on areas that make me uncomfortable with me and feel better about myself is something that I do for me. I have to not only for me but to show my girls that its okay to love yourself and focus on something for you. Long reply, but this one definitely spome to me. ❤


  2. Hustle
    We hear this all the time
    If you hustle- you can have it all.
    I bought into this concept in high school- and until about a year ago, I lived it- hook, line and sinker.
    Read something at that time that spoke more to alignment than hustle.
    Saying and doing the same thing
    Asking myself first if it was best for me
    Not comparing or chasing or hustling- intent-fully doing the right things at the right time for Renee.
    I’m a Work In progress too- still get FOMO and fall into a comparison trap every now and Again.
    Then I smile, giggle at how silly I am being for getting frazzled, then I take a nap and move on with the week.
    Pro Tip – Winners take naps
    Happy decision makers make better decisions.


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