Almost Her

Lilacs from garden in teapot. From Almost Her Blog. Check it out!

There is this picture I have of the ideal woman floating around in my head. She’s perfection and she knows it. She is everything I want to be. She is smart, funny, a good homemaker, and can rock any lipstick color she wants. Plus she is just so damn happy. I want to be her. Problem is I’m hopelessly flawed…or actually, as I like to say, HopeFULLY flawed. There is always hope. Here I’ll write about my numerous (and humorous) shortcomings, my (mostly happy) thoughts and ideas, and my failures and successes. Here I will strive for perfection and always fall short. Here is where I will try to become Almost “Her.”

“HER” defined: Funny, smart, brave, knowledgeable, beautiful, energetic, laid-back, positive, healthy, crafty, an amazing friend/daughter/girlfriend/wife/mother,happy, spiritual, stress-free, thoughtful, honest, playful, spontaneous, and a bomb diggity cook.♥ (This list is never-ending.)

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